Our Story

I was around 10 when I had my first win on the Pokies….I started early I know!!…..Mum had stopped in for a quick drink at the local, and she had given me $5 to put in to a machine (small bars in NZ were very laid back in those days.).

I played my $5 and won nothing, but after raiding her purse, I found a few more coins.

With these new coins burning a hole in my pocket, I went and pop them into a machine.  All of a sudden I saw 3 treasure chests with the option to pick one.  I selected a chest and won $40…….I was shocked……I still remember Mum’s words, “you tinny little [email protected]#tard!!”.

I played a few more times as a youngster without much luck. It wasn’t until I was around 20 when I started paying on a regular basis.

Myself and a couple of mates (Adam, and Mark) would often start, or finish our night with a few spins.  It was here that we coined the phrase “quick 20?”.  We would play at a bar called Lucky Charley’s. They had 15 link games for a $1000 jackpot.  They had all the classics including Queen of the Nile, Inca Sun, Seal the Deal, and Dreams of a Geisha.

We had some great wins up there…..Well Mark mainly, who won jackpot up there one night.  The jackpot was at around $950 (which had to be won by $1000) and it was just Adam Mark and I there.

After about 30 minutes of playing I heard the jackpot go off, and I looked around to see Mark dancing around his machine.  I remembered back to my Mum’s saying……”You tinny [email protected]#tard!”

They were good times….. until Lucky Charley’s shut down.  We then started going to the casino as there was a great bar as part of the casino.  A few friends were dj’s there so we would go along to hang out with them, and pop into the casino for a “quick 20”.

I then moved overseas on my OE, leaving Adam and Mark to it.  However I couldn’t find the games I wanted in the UK.  The UK has slightly different games and I got feed up with them.  They are mainly old, 3 reeled games and I couldn’t work them out.

They no where near as good as the modern games that are in Australia and New Zealand.  They looked like the old games that were in the local rugby club in the early 90’s.  On top of having crap games the payout rates were set to around 60%

It was an email from Adam that introduced me to Online Pokies.   I had mentioned my disgust with the Pokies (slots as they call them) in London.  He told me about some online casinos he played at.

I thought they were a bit of a scam, but he assured me that online pokies are built on the same software as normal pokies, but they are set to pay out more.  There are also more games, bigger jackpots, and bonuses.

I just want to say thanks for visiting my blog.  Please book mark this page so you can stop back sometime.


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