Pokie History

History of the pokies:

Pokies, Aussie Slots, or poker machines as they were originally known have been legal in Australia since the 1950’s.

The name pokies comes from the unique knack that every aussie possesses. The ability to create a nick name for almost anything.  For example “service station” becomes “servo” and “poker machines” to pokies.  More than likely it would have sound something like this, “Stevo, let’s go to the pub and play the pokies”.

It was around the 1980, that the first video poker machine rolled into pubs around Australia, and now have some of the most state of the art pokies on the market.  Over the past few years there has been a huge increase in the number of online players across the world.

More commonly known as Slot, Australian’s, and Kiwi’s have really made pokies there own, with a lot of good nights out involving a few spins.

Pokies or Aussie slots are enjoyed by people of all ages (legally over 18).  With around 60%-70% being Woman.

Online pokies are now growing in popularity among players, and look to have become the games of choose.

Playing online offers a greater range (hundreds of different games), more flexibility, bonuses, comfort and most of all more wins!


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