Big Red Pokie

Big Red Pokie MachineWhen it comes to making pokie games, Aristocrat is probably one of the biggest names out there. Big red pokie is one of the most popular casino pokie games played. This game usually reels in crowds of all types, and is often hard to find a free machine in a busy casino. Big red pokie offers high as it is often loaded with credits through an evening.

Big Red Symbols and Sounds

For those that do not know, Big red pokie is based on an Australian outback theme. In most of the games made by Aristocrat, there are usually a few standard cards present. Big red pokie still follows this rule as the standard nine, jack, ten, queen and king are present.

Big red pokie however does include some special symbols that are exclusive to this game only. Such symbols include kangaroos, boars, crocodiles, eagles and dingoes.

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The sounds stay true to its Australian theme which pleases the players. The sounds change as different special symbols appear on the active screen. The sounds in big red pokie also pick up a faster rhythm as progressive wins are made and as the bonus round is entered.

Free Bonus Spin Features

Most aristocrat games include a free spin bonus and big red pokie is no different. The free game trigger is the Australian kangaroo. When three or four kangaroos line up, the bonus round starts up. The bonus multiplier in big red pokie is a doubling multiplier, which means that any rewards that are gained during the free spins rounds are automatically doubled.

In Big red pokie, you are given five free spins. This may not be as much has other games but due to the high wager and the payout in big red pokie, I have always found a feature comes around a bit less often but pays highly, however free games can be won during free games.


Extra Features

Perhaps one of the most interesting features in big red pokie is a feature known as the “repeat win feature”. This feature utilizes a scattered tree that appears on the active screen. Repeated wins grant the player even bigger bonuses.

If you are someone who loves to play pokies, big red pokie is the game for you. It combines a great theme with real life sounds and a high pay out. Although it has a high gambling option, the winnings you can make with big red pokie are really high and can easily outweigh the starting bets.

Big Red Pokie can be found in most casinos within Australia, and New Zealand.  There are rumors that this will be released as an online pokie, but this is still just a rumor. Players looking to download or play free online might have to keep waiting for a bit longer but watch this space. To play pokies online click on the link below to find some great games similar to Big Red.


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