How to Play Online Pokies

Ever wanted to know how to play online pokies? Getting online is very easy.  Just follow the steps below.  Keep in mind you don’t have to deposit any money if you don’t want to.  You are welcome to play on free play mode.  In fact if this is the first casino you have joined I would encourage you to play the first time on free play.

Follow these easy steps to get started

(If you are not very confident with downloading software, read all the steps before proceeding…..don’t worry it’s easy)

Click on ===>>>City Club Casino
Click on “Play Casino”

You will then see a box that looks like the one below, click Run.

You might then get another security warning, this is normal and just click run again.

Shortly after clicking run the following download interface will appear:

Select your language.
You will then see the following screen as your download is being completed:

When you see the following screen your download is complete:

Click the Install button or browse if you want to select a different location.
You will now see the “Terms and Conditions” displayed:
To accept the Terms and Conditions and launch the installation process, click I Agree.

Just a few more seconds…………

When your download is completed you will see the following screen:

Welldone! There’s just one step left……You can now select whether you to play for Real Money or For Fun (practice mode) If you just want to play pokies for fun the select “Play for Fun”

If you are planning on making a deposit the select “Play for Real Money”by pressing the appropriate button.

That’s it……enjoy!!