Pokie Tips

Tip 1:  The best pokie tip I can give, which every player needs to know, is know when to stop.  Set yourself a limit for each playing session.

Tip 2:  Play online.  If you have not yet switched to online play, I suggest you give it a shot.  If you need some help getting online you will find some great info on this blog to get you playing pokies online.

Tip 3:  If you find something you do and win, keep it up.  I used to have a little trick of depositing $6 (3 x $2 coins) and I would often get a feature.  I used to call it tricking the feature.  There is no evidence to support this, but it worked for me.  If you find something like this keep trying it…..you never know.

Tip 4:  Don’t listen to your friends when they say the symbols are lining up, and a feature is coming.  Use my bankroll management system to get the most out of your spins.

Tip 5:  Use Neteller for safe payments.  This ewallet will make sure your payments, and winnings are kept safe.

Top 5a:  Signup for the pre paid credit card at Neteller, and use it at land based casinos.  Before heading out top it up with your “play money” for the evening and leave your other cards at home.  This will stop you from over spending.

Tip 6:  Read the pay tables.  You need to find out what the feature is, and the substitute symbols are.  Along with how many free games each feature is.

Tip 7:  Take your winnings home…..Every casino spend thousands on learning how to keep you in their casino and walking home with empty pockets.  Learn when you need to walk out.  Or at least on your first win withdraw what you stared with.  i.e. if you have a bankroll of $50 and you win $150 put $50 in the deepest part of your pocket.  At least the you will leave down.

Tip 8:  Maximize your luck.  When you are on a hot streak, keep playing, when you are loosing walk away.

Tip 9:  If you are using a system, like our bonus blaster system, don’t tell anyone!!  These are not illegal at all, but frond upon from online casinos.  The less they know the better.

Short of bribing a casino worker (not recommend) these pokie tips will help you take more home from the pokies whether  it be online, at a casino, or at the local bar.

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