Playing Online Pokies

Why play online pokies:playing online pokies

Playing pokies in a bar or casino is always a social and memorable experience, but now Online Casinos are quickly growing in popularity.  Despite playing in a virtual world, Online Pokies have a much better payout rate, win rate, and way bigger bonuses.  You are able to play your favourite pokies from the comfort of your living room.

The one thing you will have to get used to, is that they’re called the slots in the rest of the world, but Down Under we call them Pokies.

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Think about how much it costs to run a land based casino vs an online casino.  So Online Casinos can offer mush high payouts, bonuses, and prizes.  Online casinos have a payout of around 96%-99% which is loads higher than and land based casino.  Plus you will also receive massive bonuses when you join.
I have had some people ask me are Online Pokies a scam, or are Online Pokies fixed?  Well the short answer is no.  All the casino we recommend are licensed, monitored, and externally audited.  In-fact they use the same software as many of your favoutire games.  All the casinos I recommend, I have personal played at, won and successfully withdrawn from, along with being trusted, licensed casinos.

The only downside I have come across playing online, is the fact that it’s not as social.  It’s not like going down to the local for a quick $20 and a beer with friends.  However casinos are now offering pokie (slot) tournaments which has increased the social aspect.

Features of Online Pokies


Online Pokies are pretty much the same as the games you would find in a bar or casino.  Some of them might be slightly different, but I have done my best to find pokies that are just like the ones you will find in a bar.

There are 2 different ways to play online pokies:

The best way and my favourite is to download the casino software.  It takes a bit longer, but they are kept up to date, and are slightly more secure.  All casinos have the latest fraud protection software, but by download the software you keep your self slight more secure than instant plays.  Downloading the software is very easy so don’t worry if you’re not computer minded.

The second way to enjoy playing online pokies is to play the flash or instant versions of the games.  These games you play inside your browser.  The best thing about these games is you can start playing very quickly, and they are better for mac users.

The odds for both of these are fixed odds, meaning they will not change.  You can also play all of these Pokies for Free.  Just watch out because you will kick yourself if you hit a good feature and you’re playing on free play.

Online casinos mainly use 3 different types of software, Microgaming System, Playtech and Real-Time Gaming.  There are a few other software providers out there, but they are all much of a muchness. You might find you have a certain software you prefer.  You might find the games are better or you have more wins on different casinos.

You will also be able to play different casino games, classic blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps and roulettes.

The best piece of advice I can give you is make sure you play at a trusted, licensed casino.  Otherwise you could open your self up to online scams, or bad paying casinos.  If you ever have a problem with a casino I recommend please tell me so I can email them, or warn other players.

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